Financial Integrity

Does 100% of the money I give go to the mission field?

So far, we have been able to send 100% of your money to the mission field.


How does Compelled meet its administrative costs?

We are able to keep our administrative costs to very minimal by operating lean, in partnership with our friends, and through the volunteer services of friends who are committed to Compelled and its vision.

Compelled is allowed free office space by a partner church. The staff who guide the administration of Compelled serve as volunteers. The primary administrative costs we incur is very minimal and primarily mailing and office supplies costs. These are paid with donations given specifically for home office and administration.

How are designated funds used?

You can be assured that each child or missionary you sponsor – each project initiative you select – will receive your full support.  We take great care to insure that all funds designated for a purpose are used exclusively for the assigned purpose. This is our commitment to you – and our Lord.

Our Financial Commitment

  • Dependence on the Lord for provision.
  • We believe that God is the owner of all funds. We are mearly His stewards.
  • Integrity in the use of funds in the field.
  • Frugality in use of funds at the home office and for projects in the field.
  • Honesty in presenting reports and stories from the field.
  • Godliness in presenting needs and opportunities for giving.
  • Focused on the most unreached and oppressed people in the 10/40 window.
  • Servant attitude towards all we are given the privilege to serve.
  • Conscious focus to bring honor to God’s name in all that we do.

Ways to Give