The Christmas season is exciting for us at Compelled for several reasons. Several friends have asked if they can participate in a Christmas project this year. To meet this request, we wanted to share five opportunities one can consider participating in during the Christmas season.

ORPHANAGE: Christmas Meal and Gifts

On Christmas eve, we wish to provide a special Christmas meal, complete with fruits and sweets, to all of our 500 children housed in our various orphanages. It costs roughly $2.30 per child to provide a Christmas meal. Also, as winter approaches, it is our heart’s desire to provide these children with warm clothing. For an additional $7.70 per child, you can bless these little ones with warm clothing this winter. For a total of $10 per child, you can donate a meal and a set of warm clothing, making this Christmas a truly meaningful one for an orphan in need.

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We have seen tens of thousands of people come to Christ by reading the word of God. There are scores of of missionaries serving with us who found Christ through reading a portion of the Bible, and they have, in turn, led thousands to Christ. This Christmas season, we invite you to help us continue providing Bibles and gospel portions to the people of South Asia. You may not change the entire world, but you can help change the world, one person at a time. The cost of one Bible is just under $2, and  a New Testament is only $0.30. To involve your entire family in celebrating with Compelled, this is a great, inexpensive donation option for young children to consider.

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South Asia is home to more than 50% of world’s illiterate. India alone has more than 350 million who do not read and write.  Compelled operates several literacy centres in various parts of South Asia where our trained missionaries, with the permission of the village head or tribal chief, host evening literacy classes for the villagers. Each literacy center usually teaches anywhere from 20-75 adults. Over a period of 18-24 months, these adults will learn to read, write, and do basic math. We are in need of more literacy kits to help aid our instructors and students. Each literacy kit will contains a solar light, a large mat for sitting, blackboard, set of slates, chalk and a signboard to advertise the literacy class. You can provide one literacy kit for approximately $55. Click Here to Donate


SLUM: Meal for slum children

When the task of obtaining food takes a considerable amount of effort, nourishing, delicious food is a much-desired luxury. For just $2.30, you can provide a child living in considerable poverty with both life-giving food and a wonderfulmemory of the holiday season.


PERSECUTED: Relief for the persecuted

As opposition grows, the need to care for those impacted also increases. When believers are attacked, we often take victims to safe places and provide care until it is safe for them to return home. If crops are burnt or cattle are killed by fanatics, we help the victims re-start their lives. When our pastors are arrested, we are duty-bound to take care of the financial burdens incurred by hiring lawyers and paying various court fees. To help these, Compelled has created a Fund for the Persecuted. We encourage gifts of any sum.

Thank you for considering these requests as you celebrate the holidays with friends and family both far and near. We are honored to be in the family of God with you, and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. To God be the glory!

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