When we said goodbye to 2019 last year, we at Compelled, as well as others around the world, could not fathom what 2020 would hold. Out of immense suffering and difficulty, we faced the formidable challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to your prayers and generous support, we were able to reach tens of thousands across India, Nepal, and Bhutan with the tangible love of Christ. By providing hygiene kits, healthcare services, and food bags, we had the honour of being the hands and feet of Jesus during one of the most difficult times in modern history.

As we think ahead to the holiday season, it can be difficult to start from a place of gratitude and joy; however, even though these dark, difficult times, we are thankful and all the more excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This year, as we reflect on meaningful ways to specifically bless those we serve in Nepal, Bhutan and India, we will be soon sending you our Christmas catalogue to consider one of the various options in it. However, our focus this year will be a repeat of one of our favorites from several years ago, that blessed the children residing in our orphanages: gift a chicken to a child in our orphanage.

Gifts are tangible expressions of love and joy – often meeting practical, emotional, and physical needs. There is a special, unique gift that has the propensity to meet all three areas for our children: chickens. Initially, the idea of purchasing chickens as Christmas presents might seem a bit odd, but such a gift would assist the children in a variety of ways. In addition to serving as a pet for each boy or girl, the chicken would teach the children responsibility and resourcefulness. If the children care for the chickens properly, they will produce eggs – an essential source of nourishment and nutrients. Additionally, the children would be able to sell eggs at local markets to start generating income for their future needs.

For a mere $10, you can provide two chickens, a feathered companion to a boy or girl in need. And amazingly, your gift has the propensity to multiply in its effectiveness. As each orphan cares for his or her chicken, they will see the direct impact of their diligence and care. They will grow strong, adding much-needed protein to their diets. They will grow independent, earning a fair price for the eggs they sell. And, in small, but powerful ways, they will feel both provided and cared for.

The chickens we purchased at the end of 2016 served a wonderful purpose, providing companionship, responsibility, and nourishment for the children. And now, we are ready for a new batch of chickens to join the children in 2020.

We humbly ask for you to help Compelled show the love and provision of Christ through your gift this holiday season. I encourage you to join with me in giving, as we watch orphaned children experience the joy of having something to call their own.

Again, thank you for joining us with your finances and your prayers as we seek to bring the good news of Jesus to the children of India.

In Christ,

Kelsey Owens
Content Editor and Ministry Partner

P.S: To give online please click here https://givingtools.com/give/265 and choose giving of your choice (all giving in this option for December will go towards Christmas project) OR the Give a Children Home box. Donate by Clicking Here