Slums and impoverished neighborhoods are increasingly common in many parts of South Asia,

particularly in the cities and emerging cities of Nepal and India.

Children raised in slums are at risk of becoming drug addicts, learn to steal at a very young age and most do not go to school.

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Compelled sends trained missionaries to form clubs for children in slums. A group of 60-200 children attend each club and learn songs, engage in friendly activities, and also hear the Gospel.
Eventually, as trust is built, we are able to motivate them to go to school and work with their families to provide a safe environment. Establishing these relationships opens doors to share the message of Jesus Christ.

It is believed that four out of five people who believe in Jesus do so before the age of fourteen. Children’s clubs are an important tool to help children find hope and meaning in life. This also opens doors for ministry to the entire family.

Children’s Club: $60 / monthly


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