More than 60% of world’s unreached people groups live in South Asia.

Our central mission is to establish communities of believers among the unreached peoples.

We do this by sending trained native missionaries into unreached people groups to establish churches. These churches serve as a home base for sharing the gospel in the region. They also serve as the hub for the many compassionate projects designed to empower the oppressed and demonstrate Christ’s love for humanity.

When a new church body in rural regions grows past 80 believers, it is too large to gather in a pastor’s home. Finding a place to meet is difficult; villages rarely have a large enough building available for rent, and in towns where one may be available, Christians are often not permitted to lease it.

Having a place of worship is important for several reasons. In the most basic sense, it provides believers with protection from the extreme winters, and scorching summers in the region. Shelter is especially important during the prolonged monsoon season, during which 80 percent of annual rainfall occurs.

From a societal viewpoint, a place of worship helps overturn the perception that Christians are outcasts, by providing an acceptable place for people to meet together to hear the Gospel. A building creates a sense of stability.

For new believers, a church structure affords a site where Christian celebrations, funerals and weddings are held. In South Asian culture, having a building in which to meet provides credibility, showing the church will endure and stand the test of time.

All of the materials to build the brick walls, concrete floor and tin sheet roof can be provided for only $4900.

The indigenous church members contribute the free labour needed to build the church.

Sponsor a Church Building: $4900


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