In the dense forests of North-Central India lies the small village of Pati*. The fierce and independent G* tribe dwell in this forest. It is said that these tribesmen people were warriors, and kings from this tribe used to rule a large swathe of land. However, multiple foreign invasions pushed this tribe into deep, dense [...]

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Healing in the Time of Coronavirus

When the lockdown was announced in March and Coronavirus began to spread, I was asked by many to shut down our medical clinic for my safety and that of our medical team. As a physician near the slums of Delhi, I realized it would be wise to shut down the medical work. We serve a [...]

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Feeding the Hungry

On March 24, 2020, the 1.3 billion people of India were placed under a sudden and complete lockdown. In the chaos that prevailed, a large number of poor, migrant workers walked back to their villages to evade starvation. Some trekked over a thousand kilometers. Those who were healthy had a chance of making it back, [...]

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death to LIFE!

Satabi is the name given to a cluster of  villages tucked in the crevices of mountainous east-central India. Inhabited by the Dora tribes, these villages still maintain the customs and practices of a centuries ago. Untouched by civilization and highly dependent on the surrounding forest, these tribesmen are independent, self-sufficient, and loyal.   Modern health care [...]

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As you celebrate this Christmas with friends and family, I wanted to thank you for considering sharing your giving towards one of these causes. We are honored to share this season of joy and anticipation with you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and to God be all the glory! Meals & Gifts for Orphanages On Christmas Eve, we [...]

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Come Freely

Jhimla bowed low before the image of a cobra, made out of the mud and painted black. Her palms folded together, in an act of deep reverence, she sprinkled flowers on the hood of the mud cast. At one time, Jhimla was the most revered woman in her village, considered to be immensely powerful. Villagers [...]

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School Kit

In 1972, God called my husband and I to serve him as cross-cultural missionaries in the rugged mountains of the Himalayas in India. These days were filled with hunger, cold winters, torn clothing, ostracism, loneliness, and great suffering. P.G., my husband, focused on sharing the Gospel with the thousands of pilgrims who passed by our [...]

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How can we Follow?

An exciting ministry of Compelled is to send out trained literacy workers to remote villages and tribes. These literacy workers help the illiterate adults of the village learn to read, write, and do basic math. This basic education allows these tribal villagers to sell their produce at fair market price, get access to their legal [...]

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Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani made landfall yesterday in the coastal area of Odisha, India. Death: Cyclone Fani—the strongest tropical cyclone to hit India since 1999—reached a wind speed of 200 km per hour. It reportedly killed eight people in Odisha. Preparedness: Indian authorities had evacuated more than one million people along the coast of Odisha and had [...]

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One who lives forever

The Gond tribe, at 14 million strong, is one of the largest unreached tribes in the world and difficult to penetrate with the Gospel. A few years ago we sensed God lead us to begin work among them. By God's grace, scores of villages today have a church planted. However, this has come at a great price [...]

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