About half of the world’s illiterate adults live in South Asia.

Most of them: women.

An illiterate person belonging to a low caste is taken advantage of by money lenders. An illiterate tribal woman trying to sell her produce in a town is taken advantage of by customers.

Illiteracy reduces the dignity of a person in their own eyes, keeps them in the grips of poverty, and allows them to stay oppressed.

Nandita’s eyes lights up as she begins to count.

She says, “I cannot be fooled now. I get fair price for my crops.”

Compelled’s trained missionaries conduct literacy classes in tribes and remote villages to help adults learn how to read, write and count.  Ultimately, as trust is formed and sacrificial love of the missionaries is seen, the villagers begin to enquire about spiritual questions. This always leads to planting churches.

 It takes only $20 per month to send a trained missionary as a literacy worker to a tribal village. A gift of $250 will enable an entire village of 30 adults to read, write and count in two years.

Village Literacy: $250 per village / year


The Gospel brings light on this earth, impacting the now and the eternal.

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