Compelled is at the forefront of paradigm shift in world missions.

This new strategic approach recognizes the vital role native missionaries play in creating an efficient, effective, sustainable and enduring work in a region.

Native missionaries know the language and understand the nuances of each culture.  They are uniquely capable of sharing the message of Christ love in a culturally relevant way.  

In areas that are restricted or closed to Western missions, native workers are more able to freely move between tribes and villages.  And they often are able to build relationships of trust more quickly and effectively.

Compelled works to train and support native missionaries to go into regions and people groups where the message of Christ’s love has never been heard.

Each native missionary is carefully selected, mentored in the Scriptures and faith, trained in best practices for indigenous missionary work and prepared to face the challenges — including persecution — which may lie ahead.  

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Each missionary team of two (often a married couple) is sent into the field fully aware and committed to the work before them.  Compelled provides financial and leadership support as each team establishes the work in a unreached region and grows it to a point of self-sustainability.
Tens of thousands of congregations have been started all over South Asia through this effort. 
You too can support a team and make it possible for those who have never heard about Jesus Christ to know the life-giving truth of the Gospel.

Support a 2-Person Native Missionary Team:

$150 / monthly


If you are a church, organization, or marketplace leader, consider partnering with us to support a church planting movement.  Let us know how we can best reach out to you:

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