The majority of the world’s poor live in the sub-Saharan region and South Asia — comprised of Nepal, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives.

Children here do not receive an education because of the lack of schools & teachers – or basic infrastructure necessary to travel to school. In many cases, the uneducated parents find cost of education is unattainable. Too often, having the child work is much more economically feasible.

A lack of basic education has a strong correlation to long lasting cycle of poverty and continuing oppression.

We desire to see children receive the education necessary to break the cycle of poverty and realize their God-given potential.
Compelled works with parents to raise awareness of educational opportunity, provide tutoring and cover the cost of school fees and supplies.
This is one way in which Compelled’s village missionary is able to practically demonstrate the love of Christ to families in unreached villages.

Educating a Child: $9 / monthly


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