Training native missionaries

Compelled has been at the forefront in a new strategic approach to missions.

We have found that it is highly more effective to raise up and prepare indigenous native missionaries.  Native workers already know the language and culture.  They are able to build relationships and have the effectiveness in weeks or months, that previously took years.  And financial resources have a much broader and long-lasting impact impact on a region.

Training is vital for the health of the work, sustainability, and continuing effective growth.

Our goal is to train each student in becoming more like Christ (spiritual formation), gain a burden for the unreached and learn competencies to do ministry, is prepared in commitment to suffer persecution and challenges in pioneer areas, and life a life of faith & faithfulness to the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

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Compelled works with national partners to conduct several regional Bible schools in India, Nepal and Bhutan.  We train native missionaries to be effective carriers of the Gospel and disciple makers. These young men and women are trained in small groups of 10-15, where spiritual formation is the central focus. They are trained under the supervision of a senior leader, a person who has had at least 10 years of leadership experience in ministry. Each instructor has a proven track record in character, calling, ministry competency, leadership and ministry effectiveness.

Each ministry training center is in the mission field. Students are constantly are engaged with doing the work of ministry. The teachers are trained pastors from the field, who are already engaged in the work of ministry for years and have been themselves trained in the knowledge of Scripture and leading the work of ministry.

It takes $20 to train one bible school student for one month.

It takes $2900 to allow a group of 12 students to be trained for a year.

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Provide for the training of one class of native missionaries for one year:

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