As you celebrate this Christmas with friends and family, I wanted to thank you for considering sharing your giving towards one of these causes. We are honored to share this season of joy and anticipation with you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and to God be all the glory!

Meals & Gifts for Orphanages

On Christmas Eve, we wish to provide a special Christmas meal, complete with fruit and sweets, to all of our 500 children housed in Compelled orphanages. It costs roughly $3 per child to provide a Christmas meal. For an additional $9 per child, you can bless these little ones with a small Christmas gift. In sum, for $12 per child, you can donate for a meal and a gift, making this Christmas a truly meaningful one for a child in need.

Scripture Bible

We have seen tens of thousands of people come to Christ by reading the Word of God. There are scores of Compelled missionaries who found Christ through reading a portion of the Bible, and they have, in turn, led thousands to Christ. This Christmas season, we invite you to provide Bibles and gospel portions to the people of South Asia. The cost of one Bible is just under $3, and a New Testament is only $0.40. To involve your entire family in celebrating with Compelled, this is a great, inexpensive donation option for young children to consider.


A bicycle  is a huge blessing for a missionary who is working in remote villages, saving substantial time and energy. Having a bicycle enables a missionary to cover more ground than possible on foot and, therefore, reaching more souls with the gospel. Consider blessing a missionary this Christmas with a bicycle by donating $80.



Chicken and Ducks

A chicken or duck can be a wonderful Christmas gift for the children in our homes.

As each child takes care of their animals, they learn responsibility and resourcefulness. When the chicken or duck lays eggs, the children have an inexpensive, essential source of nourishment and nutrients. Additionally, children can sell eggs at local markets to generate income for their future needs. For $10, you can provide two chickens or ducks, feathered companions and an indispensable resource, to one child or more.


Travelling from one village to another to supervise the work of the missionaries — giving them support

and encouragement on a regular basis — is the main work of our leaders. Having a motorcycle enables a leader to go farther and faster daily. Motorized vehicles also ensure leaders arrive safely back home by evening, after day trips through remote and hilly areas. You can bless a leader by providing a motorcycle for $900 this Christmas.

Clean Water Well

More than 660 million people in the world live without access to clean water. Most water shortages occur amongst remote tribes or in isolated villages. Lack of clean drinking water kills more people every year than modern warfare. Access to clean water means better health and increased income, particularly for children and women.

You can provide a water well for an entire village for a mere $1500. Often located near a Compelled-supported church or believer’s house, wells also allow the life-giving water of the Gospel to be shared with the villagers who come for clean water.



Winter in many parts of South Asia, particularly in the mountains, can be cruel. Homes have no insulation or indoor heating. A blanket costing as little as $25 allows protection to children and families during the winter, serving as a tangible expression
of Christ’s love.


Thank you for considering these requests as you celebrate the holidays with friends and family both near and far. We are honored to share this season of joy and anticipation with you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and to God be the glory!