In 1972, God called my husband and I to serve him as cross-cultural missionaries in the rugged mountains of the Himalayas in India. These days were filled with hunger, cold winters, torn clothing, ostracism, loneliness, and great suffering. P.G., my husband, focused on sharing the Gospel with the thousands of pilgrims who passed by our village to climb up the mountains towards a holy Hindu shrine. I, however, was drawn to the children, begging from the pilgrims. I soon found out that these children belonged to a scavenger community and were treated as ‘untouchables’. People would often step aside to avoid even the shadow of these children, whom they considered as polluted. These poor children were homeless and were not allowed to attend school. Without help, these children would remain ‘untouchables’ for life. My heart ached for them, and we determined that Compelled (iet) would have to balance the work of Great Commission, our primary call, with the Great Commandment: loving the oppressed.

A teacher by trade, I started gathering street children to bring them to our one-room house. I washed them clean, removed the lice from their hair, and provided basic school instruction. One former student said, “We had no access to schools. So, we did not even know how to even read time on a watch.”

Despite overwhelming obstacles, we were able to teach each child to read and write. Today, over forty years late, every child from the original group is literate. In fact, their children are pastors, teachers, engineers, and even doctors.


Compelled values its central call to take the Gospel among the unreached. We equally value our supportive call to care for the oppressed and provide justice to the disempowered, particularly children and women at risk. Every July, we have a beautiful opportunity to provide school kits to thousands of children in our orphanages and education programs. A school kit consists of a bag, textbooks, a uniform, and other school supplies. As the new academic year begins, many families struggle to purchase these basic supplies, resulting in children dropping out of school. A small amount of help from us enables children to continue their journey towards completing their college education.

I want to ask if you will prayerfully consider helping us send one or more child in South Asia to school this year? Thank you for your prayers, friendship, and partnership in taking the love of Jesus Christ to the oppressed, lost, and suffering.

In Christ, Sister Lilly

One school kit  costs $70. It contains school supplies, uniform, pair of shoes, sock, text books and a school bag. You may also consider providing part sponsorship by helping buy one school bag ($10) or one pair of shoes ($10).