An exciting ministry of Compelled is to send out trained literacy workers to remote villages and tribes. These literacy workers help the illiterate adults of the village learn to read, write, and do basic math. This basic education allows these tribal villagers to sell their produce at fair market price, get access to their legal rights, escape exploitation, and, above all, find dignity. As these literacy workers conduct classes, they ultimately do share their faith in Jesus Christ, as well.


Dudwe attends a literacy centre ten miles away from his village. His home is across a river and on the other side of a mountain. One day after class he told the Compelled literacy worker, “My son is suffering from an oppressive spirit. He cannot talk and is always screaming and shouting. He often hits me or his mother and keeps our lives in turmoil. I’ve spent so much money on witch doctors and medical doctors but they could not help him. He is not getting better. But since attending here, I’ve been hearing stories about how Jesus Christ does miracles. I want you to come to our house and pray for my son.”

“Please tell us what the commandments of God are, so we can follow God and the Bible only.” 


So, one day, the Compelled literacy worker decided to go to Dudwe’s home.  It was nearly dark when he finally reached Dudwe’s home. The literacy worker says, “As soon as the boy saw us he began shouting. It was clear to us that it was a demon spirit that had possessed the boy (his son is 14 years old and is in the 9th grade).” So, during that night, they prayed for the boy.

The next day the literacy worker told the parents, “Call your whole family and we will begin fasting and praying together.” There was no change in the boy that day, so the second day we kept on praying. He then told them the story about the man in the Bible who brought his son, who had a mute spirit, to Jesus for healing (Mark 9:14-29).
Finally, after two days of regular prayer, the boy began to show signs of improvement. Eventually, he became quiet.


Meanwhile, a crowd from the village had gathered to watch what the Compelled literacy worker was doing. So, he went out and told them that same Bible story. A few people asked them to stay another night, so he took advantage of the opportunity to tell them the Creation Story and other stories from the Bible It was on that third night that the boy was totally healed! Right away he began attending the prayer meetings, and soon some of his school friends are also attending regularly. Gradually, adults began to attend the prayer meeting. Now, we are ready to start a new church in that village.