Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani made landfall yesterday in the coastal area of Odisha, India. Death: Cyclone Fani—the strongest tropical cyclone to hit India since 1999—reached a wind speed of 200 km per hour. It reportedly killed eight people in Odisha. Preparedness: Indian authorities had evacuated more than one million people along the coast of Odisha and had [...]

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One who lives forever

The Gond tribe, at 14 million strong, is one of the largest unreached tribes in the world and difficult to penetrate with the Gospel. A few years ago we sensed God lead us to begin work among them. By God's grace, scores of villages today have a church planted. However, this has come at a great price [...]

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Mohendra Harijan was brought to one of Compelled's orphanages, Barnabas Home, when he was just 12 years old.  His father was addicted to alcohol and was very abusive at home. He did not take care of the family or any of the needs of the family. Living with an abusive father was a tormenting experience [...]

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Ducks, Cycles and Christmas

The Christmas season is one of great joy and anticipation. With hopeful hearts, we prepare to give gifts, make plans to see family members, and ready our hearts to treasure, once again, the birth of our Lord and Savior. At Compelled (iET), we share a collective sense of hope and a renewed passion to bring [...]

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Called to Cure

I clearly remember the Summer of 2010. My two children, ages 6 and 5, were playing on the sandy beach of Lake Minnewaska. It was a beautiful evening, and I was happy. I was working as a family physician in a hospital in Glenwood, Minnesota. The team of doctors and nurses I had the joy [...]

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Children: School Kit Giving Opportunity

At Compelled, we are grateful for the opportunity to rescue and take care of children previously held under the bondage of poverty, malnourishment, abuse, and slavery. We embarked on several  new initiatives to meet the needs of children specifically. Last year, Compelled started a micro girls orphanage near the borders of Nepal. The Debra Home [...]

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Our King and our Kingdom

Peter writes to the scattered believers, “… God is protecting you by His power …” (1 Peter 1:5) In ancient times, a person could have a powerful patron to protect them. A village usually had a chief or a Lord as their protector. The Roman empire, once established, took upon itself the role of a [...]

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Diary of a Church Planter

"I serve in Village K. It is a very remote village in north India. Through intense prayers and patient sharing of the Gospel, several villagers here had come to believe and followour Lord Jesus Christ. Every evening we meet in one of the huts of a believers to study the Word of God. I read [...]

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Born Anew

The Kui tribe live in the forests of the eastern mountains of India. They primarily live off produce collected from forests, crops that are grown on cleared forest land, and milk of cows or goats. Each village is managed by a chief and the elders of the tribe.  However, alcoholism is a growing curse in [...]

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Opportunities for Christmas Giving!

  The Christmas season is exciting for us at Compelled for several reasons. Several friends have asked if they can participate in a Christmas project this year. To meet this request, we wanted to share five opportunities one can consider participating in during the Christmas season. ORPHANAGE: Christmas Meal and Gifts On Christmas eve, we [...]

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