The Gond tribe, at 14 million strong, is one of the largest unreached tribes in the world and difficult to penetrate with the Gospel. A few years ago we sensed God lead us to begin work among them. By God’s grace, scores of villages today have a church planted. However, this has come at a great price of extreme suffering and persecution.
Earlier this week, one of our believers had to pay the ultimate price for choosing to follow Christ. Anant, a believer for less than a year, was beheaded for not being willing to give up following Christ.
Will you take about a minute right now to pray for:
1. The unreached Gond tribe.
2. The grieving family of Anant.
3. The attackers. May God turn their heart with His love.
4. For Compelled workers and leaders who risk their lives daily while serving in South Asia.
Interestingly, the name Anant means, one who lives forever! And, now He does. In Christ.