The Kui tribe live in the forests of the eastern mountains of India. They primarily live off produce collected from forests, crops that are grown on cleared forest land, and milk of cows or goats. Each village is managed by a chief and the elders of the tribe.  However, alcoholism is a growing curse in most Kui tribe villages.

A Place of No Hope

Tadingi grew up in Dongori village. From an early age, he came under the influence of alcohol. In fact, his family even brewed homemade liquor for the village.

Tadingi says, “My life soon became bound by an invisible chain of hopelessness and addiction. My soul was in prison.” He became violent and destructive. His health also began to fail soon. Tadingi found himself unable to be free. “I was bound fully and bound by darkness. There was no hope!” he says.

Born Anew

One day, God led one of our missionaries, Rao, to visit the village of Dongori. He met with people and talked to them about the hope in Christ. Tadingi wondered if he could be set free. Later as he spent more time with Rao, the missionary prayed with him. They kept on meeting over the next several weeks. Rao knew that the journey of healing was probably going to be long for Tadingi. He had been enslaved for long years.

Rao says, “The transformation of Tadingi was like that of the leper, not instantaneous but through a process.” As the Word of God began to work in Tadigni’s heart and he began to seek God earnestly, the light of God began to fill him. Eventually, the slavery to alcohol began to disappear. In a few weeks, Tadingi was fully free. “It was as if I was born anew,” says Tadingi.

Revolution in Dongori village

The transformation was visible. A violent man, enslaved to alcohol, was now a kind person and completely free. He was now responsible at home and in the village. The family members asked the missionary to begin a prayer group in their home. Over the next few months, several families began to follow the peace and freedom of the Gospel. A church has been planted in this village that was unreached. Interestingly, all the 26 people who produced alcohol and supplied it to various communities have now completely stopped brewing alcohol.


The light of Gospel set Tadingi free. This transformation of an individual led to the spiritual and social change of Dongori village. The love of Christ has once again become victorious!