“I serve in Village K. It is a very remote village in north India. Through intense prayers and patient sharing of the Gospel, several villagers here had come to believe and followour Lord Jesus Christ. Every evening we meet in one of the huts of a believers to study the Word of God. I read the Bible using a candle or a lamp and then explain it to the believers. On Sundays, we gather under a tree as believers from neighboring villages also join us for worship.

One day a believer came to visit me.  The village I live in is a bit far from Village K, where I serve. The believer who visited me told me that his wife was paralyzed. He had taken his wife to a clinic in the nearest town. The doctor told him, “Your wife has had a stroke. We cannot treat here. You have to go to a big hospital in a city.”

Most villagers in India are poor. The villagers are able to grow sufficient crops in small patches of land to feed themselves and their families. They have no other savings. So, the husband of this paralyzed believer called me and said, “Pastor, can you please come to my house. My wife is paralyzed. I have no money to take her to the city for treatment. Will you come and pray with us?”

Since my village is far from Village K,  I had to use the motorcycle.

I praise God for the motorcycle He has provided. It enables me to visit several villages every day with the love and truth of the Gospel. I could not travel such distance on foot. So, I got ready and went to start my 100 cc motorcycle. But, when I reached the motorcycle I realized that there was no gas left. I also did not have money to buy gas for

the motorcycle from the nearby town. I decided to pray. I told God, “You are my God. You are my provider. I have to serve you by going to the family in need. Please provide for gas for my motorcycle.”

The husband of the paralyzed lady called me again on my push-button cell phone, “How far have you come?” I told them the situation and asked them to pray with me. I prayed again, “Lord, I am trusting you. Please provide. It is not for me but to serve your people. I trust you.”

Just then a sister rushed into my house. She wanted my wife and I to talk with her over some matter. We talked, shared from the Word, comforted her and then prayed with her. After prayer as she was leaving, this sister thrust some money into my hands. I was overjoyed. God had provided me the money for that day to buy gasoline for the motorcycle so that I could go and provide pastoral care for the family in need.

I finally visited Village K. The whole family and other believers also gathered to pray with me. I sat down beside the sick lady. I remembered the story of the paralyzed man. So, I

began to share the story: Four men had carried the paralyzed man on the cot to Jesus. The place was packed, so the friends opened up the roof and lowered the paralyzed man infront of Jesus. When Jesus touched him, the paralyzed man got up and walked back. Jesus had said to him, “Take up your mat and go home.”

After I shared the story, I joined with the rest of the believers to pray for the sick women who was being held up. As we prayed, the women’s body went limp. We put her on the bed and continued to pray. I then left. However, by next day the lady was fully well. She was able to stand up and walk fully normal.

All the villagers exclaimed “She is completely well! This is a miracle.”

Jesus, we thank you, for your faithfulness!”


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